Our Values

Our Core Values

  1. The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God — God’s kingdom is here, but not in its full extent.  Thus we see evidence of the Kingdom through healing (emotional, physical, and social), deliverance, and transformed lives.
  2. Experiencing God — Our worship is an expression of our intimate relationship with God.
  3. Reconciling Community — God wants to bring everyone back to a proper relationship with Him.
  4. Compassionate Ministry — Ministry to the poor is an expression of our thankfulness to God for the mercy He has shown to us.
  5. Culturally Relevant Mission — We wish to communicate the good news in a way that is relevant to the community we are ministering in.

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  1. Clear, accurate, Biblical teaching
  2. Contemporary worship in the freedom of the Holy Spirit
  3. Simplicity – we do nothing for the sake of “effect”
  4. An active small group ministry
  5. Ministry to the poor, widows, orphans and the broken
  6. The gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation with emphasis on physical healing and signs and wonders as seen in the book of Acts
  7. A commitment to missions – church planting at home and abroad
  8. Unity within the whole body of Christ; a relationship with other local churches
  9. Evangelistic outreach
  10. Equipping the saints in areas such as discipleship, ministry, serving, giving, finances, family, etc.